The WinMatt Group

Where Winning


Strategic Difference

The WinMatt Group (WMG) is a strategic advisory and public affairs firm based in Lansing, Michigan. WMG brings unique capabilities to help guide clients through a dramatically changing Michigan political environment and connect with key leaders at all levels of government. WMG’s focus is on personalized strategies to put our clients in the best position to win.


Our Team

Winning isn’t easy. We build a strategic plan to develop and enhance relationships with key elected and appointed officials and other influencers throughout the State of Michigan. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a specific, results driven approach to achieve success.


Our team brings over 40 years of combined experience at the highest levels of state and local governments.

Grassroots Engagement

We will make sure that you always get the right message, delivered at the right time to the right people.

Coalition Building

At WMG we know how to put together successful coalitions and work with diverse partners to get the job done.

Business Development

We know the players and we know the system, and we can guide you successfully through the process.