What We Do

Direct Lobbying

WMG brings over 40 years of combined experience at the highest levels of state and local governments to put you at the table when important decisions are being made. Our relationships across the political spectrum are second to none and we know how to get our clients in front of key decision makers throughout Michigan.

Grassroots Engagement

At WMG we know that in order for an issue to be acted on it has to be heard. That is why we work with the most experienced partners in the business to develop and deliver a message that is creative, strategic and targeted. By incorporating traditional, digital, social and grassroots platforms, WMG will make sure you get the right message, delivered at the right time to the right people.

Coalition Building

It is said that politics often makes strange bedfellows. But when you want to get something done, there is nothing strange about joining with a group of individuals and organizations to build strength and amplify your voice. At WMG we know how to put together successful coalitions and work with diverse partners to get the job done.

Business Development

Identifying and winning business opportunities in state and local government can be a daunting task for any business, large or small. Whether it’s navigating the bureaucracy or assisting with procurement at, WMG we know the players and we know the system, and we can guide you successfully through the process.